One Bright Blue Moment When You Know You Can Fly

Are you ready to align with your

true self?


Are you ready to...

  • Feel better

  • Leave the confines of your comfort zone

  • Live unencumbered by your past

  • Be honest, open, and authentic (especially with yourself)

  • Understand and let go of your fears

  • Live a life you enjoy

  • Dream big and live that dream

  • Create with intention


I will support you on this journey!

I will be the perspective outside of your own head. I will ask you questions that will give you clarity on next steps.
I will help you get out of your own way. I will push you, and you will fly!

Come to the edge.
We might fall.
Come to the edge.
It’s too high!
And they came,
and she pushed,
and they flew.
— Christopher Logue, English poet (1926-2011)

Client Session Options

Intuition Interview.png


If you are having trouble accessing your intuition directly, let me ask the questions! It’s so much easier to stay connected to your inner voice when you don't have to pop in and out of the rational mind to formulate the questions.

Copy of Intuition Interview- circle-V2 (5).png


Get ongoing support accessing your intuition directly. I will ask the questions so you can stay connected. This package includes 4 sessions to be used within 4 months.

Single Power Session.png


If you need to blast through a limiting belief, or need someone outside your own head to listen to a problem and help you work through it, try a single power session.

Deep Dive Package.png


If you crave a new level of clarity in your decision making, I can teach you how to connect with your inner voice and live a life more aligned with your soul. This deep dive includes 12 weekly or bi-weekly sessions over the span of 3 or 6 months.