One Bright Blue Moment When You Know You Can Fly

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One Bright Blue Moment
when you know how to fly

Then you are in the right place!

Find your Bright Blue Moment during a life-changing week retreat in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii!

Are you ready to discover your true self?

Are you letting your past experiences define your future? Are you too overwhelmed in your current situation to change things for the better? Learn to lean down and listen to that voice inside. Hear your dreams. I will support In the discovery of your own inner wisdom.

Become aligned with your true self.

I'm Dori, Viceroy of Dreamers.

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If you crave a new level of clarity in your decision making, I can teach you how to connect with your inner voice and live a life more aligned with your soul.


Come learn how to quiet the chaos, listen to your inner wisdom, and discover what is essential to your best life.


Read notes I create for myself for inspiration on finding your own Bright Blue Moment!

A little about me…

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I am a spiritual teacher/mentor. I teach people how to reach a higher level of consciousness through self-awareness. This is only the beginning.