One Bright Blue Moment When You Know You Can Fly

find your

Bright Blue Moment

In beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii!


Do you ever feel like you need a break from everything you’re doing so you can get something important done?

Come learn how to quiet the chaos, discover what’s essential, and strengthen your focus so you can create the type of days you always wanted to live. I invite you to turn off social media, email, ringing phones, TV and anything else clamoring for your attention. Reconnect with nature, and yourself. Immerse yourself in a restorative environment with bright blue ocean, soft sand, songbirds, the most amazing trees, and clouds floating by on the trade winds. AND YOU WILL NOTICE ALL THIS BECAUSE YOU WON'T  BE LOOKING AT YOUR DAMN PHONE!

Sink into it. Give your brain the freedom to pause and float freely and see what bobs to the surface. It takes time, but eventually, the most essential thoughts will rise to the top. They have been there all along but you couldn't see them through the flotsam and jetsam of your everyday life. Quiet your mind and reclaim your brain. By the end of the week, you will have learned how to live with YOUR priorities as your guide.

Retreat summary


Honolulu, Hawaii

depending on sleeping accommodations

Now is the time to

take some deep breaths

And Tune into you!


During this life-changing week...

You will enjoy several group experiences as well as alone time for meditating, journaling, moving, structured exercises, relaxing at the beach and hanging out in nature or by our own small lagoon pool. You will be introduced to practices that will help you orchestrate a level of stimulation in your life that will leave you refreshed and happy instead of overwhelmed and cranky.

The retreat will start with an opening ritual around the fire pit on Monday evening and end on Saturday Morning. Our beautiful retreat center is located located in Honolulu, just 1.5 miles from Waikiki.


what's included...

You will spend 5 nights and 4 days in a graceful old Hawaiian home.

You will spend 5 nights and 4 days in a graceful old Hawaiian home.

Meals are included during the Bright Blue Moment week long retreat in Honolulu,  Hawaii.

Meals Monday night through Saturday morning including casual breakfast and lunch and delicious dinners cooked by our private chef.

Enjoy a sunset toast every night on the beach in Honolulu, Hawaii!

We will cap each day with a champagne and cider sunset toast.

Yoga classes by the ocean in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Our group will enjoy two relaxing yoga classes by the ocean.

Enjoy snorkeling during this week long retreat in Honolulu, Hawaii.

We will take a local snorkel and swim plus snorkel and beach gear will be available for free time.

Relax by the lagoon pool in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Spend relaxing free time by our luxurious lagoon pool.


Pricing & Accommodations

Price per person ranges from $1275-1425  depending  on sleeping accommodation you choose.




Can I bring my own food?
Yes!  There is a grocery store within a mile and you will have access to kitchen in main house and mini-fridges in guest house.

Will I have free time?
Yes, every day you will have some free time to play in pool, hang at the beach, meditate, workout, nap, or whatever you heart desires!


Go home with a quieter mind, improved focus, and tools to help you craft your own environment to suit YOUR needs!


it's time to

do this for yourself!