How did I get here?

For the past roughly 15 years, since 2001, I have been searching for wisdom. First I was searching for the tools to simply help me survive after tragedy. Then, as I healed, I felt a desire to go past that.  I  started searching for ways to improve myself.  My core reason was simply to “be a better person”.  Seriously.  I know it sounds strange but that exactly captures my motivation.  Now I understand that feeling to be the desire for growth, and it's why I'm here.

I wanted to grow and improve so I could add more value to everyone around me everyday. It wasn't related to making more money, having better relationships, or any other end result, it was about being the kind of person who made people feel better for having crossed my path.

For me, that was a Bright Blue Moment. 

So I studied, and read and researched, took classes, got certifications, and studied some more.  I trained with Martha Beck at Martha Beck Institute, because I related strongly to her philosophy.   This was on top of the degrees I already had in Psychology,  Exercise Physiology, and my M.B.A.  The more I have  learned, and the more I have uncovered and come to understand my true self, the better everything else in my life has become.

Dori Frame, owner of Bright Blue Moment, is a life-coach in Honolulu Hawaii.

Along the way I started coaching other people to become better at things. First it was health and fitness, then I expanded to Lifestyle Coaching, which added nutrition, stress management, productivity, relaxation and recovery.  I finally arrived at the most important part. Now I coach what goes on in the head and the heart, because if you don't   understand  these two, none of the other stuff sticks.  It's the most fulfilling work I've ever done. 

All the answers I found for myself were just that - my answers. You need to find your own. But I can help. Through all my searching I've learned to lead people to their own truths, through a solid process, with thought-provoking tools, asking good questions and making sure you hear your own answers. If this resonates with where you are right now...

Take the leap So you can learn how to fly!



If you crave a new level of clarity in your decision making, I can teach you how to connect with your inner voice and live a life more aligned with your soul.


Come learn how to quiet the chaos, listen to your inner wisdom, and discover what is essential to your best life.