You are ready if...

You have decided to prioritize yourself because you know this makes you better at everything else you do.


You are willing and eager to put away your electronic devices for a few days and see what it feels like to have uninterrupted time to dream and think deeply.

You want to connect with a small group of people on a similar path as you.



You crave time to think, write, meditate, and ask yourself serious questions.

You want enough quiet to be able to contemplate the answers to those questions.

You want to be able to focus on nature for a few days and leave the noise, traffic, and crowds behind.


You want to share your ideas and be heard and supported.


You want to be less busy, and more effective on a daily basis.


You are a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). If you’re not sure what that means, click here. Learning about this alone could change your life!


+ You are looking to party in paradise (save this for the weekend after in Waikiki)
+ You are not willing to put your current life on pause for a few days, and this means signing of social media, work, and demands from friends and family.  
+ You need to be constantly interacting with others.  There will be regular interesting group discussions, as well as unstructured time for you to connect with each other, but there will also be time to allow people to be alone with their own thoughts.