So, Why Should I Host Retreats?

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I was going to post my retreat marketing page here, but instead, I've just decided to speak straight from the heart about my own experience that led me to offer this new retreat. 

My husband G was set to be out of town for the last week of December, 2017. I was feeling  stagnant and  craving silence.  Something in me was begging for a break from all noise, interruptions, requests, etc.

The day before he left I spontaneously decided to set up a retreat for myself here at my home in Hawaii. It's not remote, it's in a residential area, but it's quiet and I can go for days without talking to anyone here if I stay home. 

So I set up the guidelines:  no email, no social media, no tv.  I booked no coaching appointments  for the week. I asked G to only contact me once a day, in the evening at a designated time, so I could leave my phone turned off and put away..   I allowed myself to listen to audible books or read, but only things that were thought provoking or inspirational.  He left on his business trip and I set up my little experiment and waited for the magic to happen.

And it didn't.  As I washed the dishes, it was hard not to turn on the tv for entertainment. I wanted to text someone about something.  I wanted to check my email.  I wanted to watch the evening news.  I was amazed at how automatic these actions had become.  I was no longer really directing my life. I was on autopilot much of the time, especially  when it came to the use of electronics, and allowing interruptions. This habit was robbing me of clear, focused, original thinking.  

I persevered, and stuck to my plan because I do have good willpower. And along about the morning of the third day, I started to feel a change, like I was in control of my life again. Like I had Reclaimed My Brain.

Then, an amazing thing happened. I started thirsting for information.  But not the external kind.  I started really hearing my inner voice.  I realized there were things it was telling me to do but I hadn't heard it through all the noise.  I became super creative and started focusing on a new project I wanted to do. I was able to walk in the park and be completely inspired by the trees and clouds and felt it all with such joy and intensity, because I wasn't working on my phone as I walked.  This led to a feeling of great energy and a deep sense of renewal. 

And the strangest thing of all - by the 5th day, I was BRILLIANT!   Seriously!  I was understanding things at a new level and I could comprehend anything I was inspired to dive into.  I was able to focus and  could concentrate for long periods of time. This made me realize what a low, dull level my brain had been operating at, and it was shocking to me.  What a waste of many months (years?) of my life.   

Before this personal retreat experience, I had not realized how too high a level of stimulation was decreasing my optimal brain functioning, and how much better I could do if I figured out how to change my environment  to suit my needs. The difference I felt after the retreat drove home how important  it was to control my external input, and it caused me to make several  changes in my daily life.

Because of the great impact this experience  had on me, I decided to offer this retreat to very small group (only 6) as a way to share my experience and my graceful old hawaiian home, with others.  At this  retreat, I will give you a Blueprint to follow on this journey from chaos to clarity.

Retreat Details

  • November 6th-11th (starts with opening ritual around firepit) Monday evening, ends Saturday morning.

  • Location is on Oahu 1.5 miles from Waikiki in residential area on the flank of Diamond Head.

  • All meals included, with private chef for dinners.

  • Will include group discussion as well as alone time for meditating, journaling, moving, structured exercises, free time for beach (5 minute walk) and hanging out in nature or by our own small lagoon pool. You will be introduced to practices that will help you orchestrate a level of stimulation in your life that will leave you refreshed and happy instead of overwhelmed and cranky.

  • Also includes two yoga classes, a local snorkel trip, and a couple of amazing walks, and lots more.

Price per person ranges from $1275-1425  depending  on sleeping accommodation you choose (single bed vs double bed vs private room.)
There will be 2 people per bathroom in every situation
Airfare not included

Results: Go home with a quieter mind, improved focus, and tools to help you craft your own environment to suit YOUR needs!

Dorio Flame